Steiner Ceramics. Handmade made Ceramics in New Zealand

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Hospitality - Dining

Introducing the new range of functional tableware designed and manufacture here in New Zealand by Bob Steiner.

The tableware is made from a porcelain body mixed to a special Steiner recipe here in our studio using the finest clays including New Zealand china clay known for its pure white quality. 

The body is considered a porcelain as it is fired to near vitrified temperature ensuring a dense strong body of clean white.  This gives the glaze a sharp and strong color response.

The tableware can, with care, be safely used in a microwave and used for oven to table.

It is dishwasher safe. 

Our unique matt glaze is formulated in house at Steiner and is scratch resistant and tough. 

We supply restaurants and take pride in our quality functional tableware.

Durable and stylish – please view

We encourage you to take advantage of being able to collaborate with Bob Steiner, the renown ceramic designer.

Our range has been well received by leading restaurants.
All work can be customized in colour, shape and surface texture.
We would like the opportunity to come and meet with you to discuss your needs.

Prices negotiable on volume orders.

Handmade in customised colour and design to suit your decor, either restaurant/eatery or private home use, food looks and tastes better on this delicious tableware.