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Create Wall Art

ENTER THE WALL ART APP View Wall Art App instructions
You are able to add products to your selections list. You can then create compositions with these products in the Wall Art App
This allows you to remove all of the items from your wall art selections
This allows you to continue browsing the Wall Art products
This allows you to save the composition that you have created. This will only save for the time that you are browsing the website so remember to order or email this composition to yourself to remember it!
This allows you to enter the competition by emailing the composition to us.
You can remove all the items from the canvas and start again.
Allows you to change the colour of the canvas to match the colour of your wall at home.
The grid allows you to measure your canvas and the Wall Art on it. You can hide this grid if you don't find it useful.
You can choose from 3 standard sizes or use the resize buttons to give the canvas the size that you desire.
You can resize the canvas by 50mm increments by clicking on the resize arrows. These are on the right and bottom of the canvas.
This allows you to add the composition and all the products contained to your order. Once it is in your order you can go to the order page and send this to us.
When Editing the wall art on your canvas; You can rotate each individual piece clockwise or anti-clockwise.
When Editing the wall art on your canvas; You can remove individual pieces.
When Editing the wall art on your canvas; Click the colours button to view more colours for that product.

Create Wall Art from the products you love or edit compositions that we have created!

The wall art app allows you to create compositions using all of your favorite ceramic wall art created by Bob Steiner.
You can create your own compositions or choose from the range of wall art compositions listed below:

Unfortunately you cannot create Wall Art compositions because you are using an out of date web browser. We recommend Mozilla Firefox which can be downloaded free of charge.
We have an exciting range of Wall Art Compositions below that you can browse and order.

The Wall Art App is optimised for larger screens such as iPads. Please try again on a larger screen.