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Flax Quarter

Flax Quarter

COLOR: Moss Green [23]
SIZE: One Size

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Flax Quarter - One Size


Flax Quarter. For use in a wall art composition or alone.  The flax bush is woven into the fabric of human history in New Zealand.  The Maori have names for special varieties. Each pa or marae typically had a pa harakeke or flax plantation.  Harakeke or Phormium tenax (being one of many types of flax) grows in vigorous wild bushes throughout the country. The quarter is so called because in a wall composition it occupies one quarter along side the larger square. That is four quarters grouped with equal spacing equals the area of the square.  This minature version of the larger Flax Square has all the same qualities of interlacing when tumbled in the composition. Combinations of this are fun to arrange in the Wall Art APP

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WIDTH: 8.0cm
HEIGHT: 8.0cm
DEPTH: 6.0cm
WEIGHT: 200.0gm