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Wall Longbox Nikau Tree

Wall Longbox Nikau Tree

COLOR: Soda Green [31]
SIZE: One Size

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Wall Longbox Nikau Tree - One Size


Nikau Tree Longbox. The nikau palm (Rhopalostylis sapida) is the only palm species endemic to mainland New Zealand. The fronds are up to 3m long, and the closely set, sometimes overlapping leaflets are up to 1 m long. The Maoris found many uses for the Nikau palm. The bases of the inner leaves were eaten raw or cooked, also the young flower clusters. Food was wrapped in the leaves for cooking, and the old fibrous leaves were used for baskets, floor mats and waterproof thatch for buildings.

The bowl or base of the frond is a highly sensual form with strong branches from which can spring the splendid wild outburst of seasonal berries attracting our native wood pedgion the Kereru



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WIDTH: 7.5cm
HEIGHT: 38.0cm
DEPTH: 8.0cm
WEIGHT: 750.0gm